1. How do I order a cake?

Go to the tab that says “Quote/Order Form” and fill out the form. All the information on the form is necessary for me to give you an accurate quote. I will review your information and email you with a quote. After receiving and accepting the quote, pay the retainer (Non-refundable 50% of the total order) to reserve the date the cake is needed. The date is officially reserved for you only after I receive your retainer.

2. How far in advance do I need to order a cake?

At least 2-3 weeks. Every cake is unique so I have to make sure there is enough time to get any additional supplies needed for your custom cake.

3. How much does a cake cost?

Since every cake is different (ie. flavor, size, decorations) there is not a set price list of custom cakes. Each cake order has to be assessed on the details that the customer would like for their customized cake.​ Decorated cakes usually start at $130.


4. How can I pay for my cake?

We will email you an invoice from The Square to make your credit card payments online. You can also pay by PayPal or by cash. We can accept card payments in person or over the phone, a receipt will then be sent to your email.


5. When can I change or cancel an order and not get penalized?
The required 50% retainer is non-refundable. Any changes or cancellations to this order must be made no later than (14) days prior to delivery/pick-up. If cancelled (5) days or less, the customer is required to pay the remaining balance.


6. Do you deliver?

Yes, I do deliver. I’m located in Boynton Beach and will deliver to Palm Beach and Broward counties. There is a delivery charge of $1.00 per mile from Boynton Beach. And, of course, there is always the option of free pick-up.


7. Are your cakes made from scratch?

Yes, they are. Our cakes are made with quality ingredients and are fresh. They are not mass-produced like many supermarkets. They are made to order, to ensure quality.


8. Do your cakes taste good?

I love this question. Of course they taste good, I would not sell a bad tasting cake. I love to eat cake so I want to make sure that not only will my cakes look great, but taste great also. I have a few select flavors because I test out my recipes and only make what I feel has been perfected.  Still not convinced? Just take a look at our review page and read real testimonials from my customers.


9. What is fondant?

Fondant is a candy dough made of a thick creamy sugar paste that can be rolled out to cover or decorate a cake. We use it to portray a more polished look for cakes which helps make decorations, you wouldn't normally be able to do with regular frosting. In my opinion, it tastes a bit like marshmallows. Some people like to eat it and some just want it for the look of it on a cake.


10. How do I handle a cake with fondant?

Fondant cakes should be kept refrigerated until the time of the event; mainly to ensure the look of the cake, and that the decorations remain the way it was designed. It can stay in a well air-conditioned room for a couple of hours and maintain its condition. As far quality and taste, your cake will not spoil sitting out of the refrigerator at your event. When cutting into the cake, it is advised to use a sharp knife to have cleaner cuts. The longer the cake is out of the refrigerator, the more difficult it may be to cut clean slices because the cake is moist.

11.  I have allergies, do you make gluten-free and/or dairy-free cakes?

No, I do not.  If you have any allergies please discuss with me because my ingredients or machinery, may have come in contact with nuts, milk, and wheat products.


12. Do you offer free tastings?

We do not offer free tastings. Tastings are reserved only for wedding cakes. The tastings are $15 for two people, if customer places an order then the $15 will go toward the balance of the cake. The flavors will be only my regular cake flavors unless otherwise arranged . I would have to be notified when making the appointment how many guest will be attending. An additional $10 is required per extra persons.


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